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DISCOVERY awakens and equips people to their God-given purpose on planet Earth.

We believe the ministries of Faith Center lie within the gifting of the people. That’s why DISCOVERY is so much more than a membership class.  Discovery is how we mine out the gold of the God-given ministry and mission potential within you.  It’s a uniquely crafted discipleship course designed to walk you through the spiritual commitment of membership to a local church family, maturity in Christ, ministry in and outside of the Church body and living with a Great Commission mindset.

Discovery includes four parts:
Each course is approximately two hours long including breaks.

  • 101: Awakens people to a relationship with Christ and membership in the family.
  • 201: Equip believers to become spiritually mature disciples of Christ.
  • 301: Equip disciples to fulfill their ministry in the body of Christ.
  • 401: Equip ministers to fulfill their life’s mission of sharing Christ in the world.

Everyone who completes all eight hours is awarded a certificate of commissioning, at which time we have a time of prayer and impartation by leadership.

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Awaken and Equip

Faith Center exists to awaken people to a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ and membership in the church family and equip them to fulfill their God-given purpose of maturity in Christ, ministry in the church body and missional living in the world.



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