You Satisfy

I love worship music! I pretty much exclusively listen to worship albums and every so often, one song will get stuck in my head and in my heart. Usually, when that happens I know the Lord is trying to tell me something, but sometimes it takes my head a while to understand the truth that my heart is already singing.

Several weeks ago, Pastor John taught us about the Israelites wandering in the wilderness and how God allowed them to starve so that He could feed them. Long story short, God gave the Israelites manna to meet their need, but when they got to the Promised Land He stopped giving them manna and they ate the food of the land. In reality, the food never met their needs, God did. The manna of the wilderness and the food of the Promised Land were both resources, but God was the one who provided them.

Our Pastor made this awesome point: God will remove resources in your life to get you to rely on THE source while he’s preparing your next resource.

It was a great message! I said amen with everyone else, but I didn’t think the message was for me. After all, I’m the Pastor’s daughter. I know this stuff. They taught me that God was my provider in, like, first grade.

Fast forward several weeks and I’m about to get married. If you’ve never planned a wedding, it’s stressful. One night I laid in bed totally overwhelmed and in tears. I had no idea how I was going to get everything done. Instead of seeing the wonderful life ahead of me, I saw how everything could go wrong. I was drowning in the fear of things that had not even happened yet.

I tried to regain my composure and ran through a list of things that typically help me de-stress: writing, playing music, being outdoors, cleaning, working out. As I was creating a plan full of my go-to activities to keep me calm, I felt the Lord gently ask me, “Why don’t you rely on me?” I brushed it off and continued to solve my own problems.

Fast forward several days and I’m listening to a relatively new worship group called Upper Room Music. A song called You Satisfy came on and I instantly loved it. I probably listened to that song on repeat for a week. One day while I was riding in the car listening to my new favorite song, the Lord spoke: “Do you even know why you love this song so much?”

I didn’t. It just felt right to sing along. It felt familiar in a way. I pondered this as Elyssa Smith belted out the chorus:

You satisfy my heart every time You walk in the room You satisfy my heart every time, every time I’m with You

And queue the tears. I suddenly remembered the question God asked me several days before. “Why don’t you rely on me?” And I remembered the sermon my dad taught that I dismissed as good, but not directly for me. I finally realized what God had been trying to tell me: “You have been relying on resources for a while. When trouble comes, you run to what I gave you instead of running to Me first. My resources are good, but The Source is so much better.”

Ouch. But how true that was. I was happy to take from God all his good gifts (my love for writing, reading, etc. that the Lord used to still my heart) but I was hesitant to go to God just for His goodness. Just because He satisfies my heart all by Himself.

I understood, now, why my heart was so passionately connected to this song. It was the truth I needed for breakthrough. It felt like Elyssa sang the bridge of the song over me while I praised the Lord in my tiny Kia Spectra:

What do I have need of now that I know You? What do I have need of?
There’s nothing I have need of now that I know you There’s nothing I have need of

Worship is a powerful thing! Sometimes when our head won’t listen to words, our heart will gravitate towards music. And in that moment, we have a special opportunity to seek the Lord and hear His voice.

Is there a worship song you just can’t seem to stop singing? Ask the Lord what he wants to share with you. Even if the answer isn’t clear, praise anyways. Sing through the worry, fear, doubt, pain, and sadness, even if you’re not a great singer. In the face of adversity, worship.

Listen to You Satisfy all the way through here and see what God speaks to you.

–  Caitlyn Peyton

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