Cleaning the house. Is there a more necessary evil? I remember the agony of waking up on a Saturday morning to the sound of Jesus Culture (the Your Love Never Fails DVD to be exact) and the realization: it’s cleaning day. One day out of the week, which was supposed to be filled with cartoons and outdoor games, devoted to cleaning every room in the house. If you have painful childhood memories like this, I’m so sorry.

My younger brother and I were not particularly fond of cleaning, so we found every excuse to prevent our participation in this household activity. One day our mother had enough. She came home from work to see dishes in the sink, laundry piling up, toys abandoned haphazardly on the floor and an empty dog food bowl. That day she looked at her sloppy, ungrateful family and decided she would not cook or clean for two weeks. It was up to us.

My brother and I had no right to be upset. We had let our mom down. We had expected her to take care of our home while we constantly messed it up. We had not only drained her of time and patience but also energy. Poor mom!

We probably all have similar stories to this one, but the home where we lay our head at night is not the only home we occasionally neglect. Your local church is not your primary home, but it is a home. The Church is not your family by blood, but it is your family by spirit. And these are oh so important to care for.

No matter what church you attend, I promise there is so much more than what meets the eye. There are dozens (maybe even hundreds for you larger congregations out there) of people who take time out of their week to serve the church body… to serve you and me. Many of us have no idea what it takes to put on a church service.  Just think of all the people involved to pull that off every single week! If your church is anything like Faith Center, you’ve got greeters, ushers, child-care volunteers, prayer warriors, media volunteers, coffee makers, security volunteers, worship volunteers, and administrative volunteers. What a crew!

All those volunteers serve our church with the desire to glorify God and bless people just like you and me. They serve faithfully and joyfully care for their church home and family, just like how my mother served her family faithfully and joyfully. Neither my mother nor church volunteers are able to continually give out of the overflow of their heart without help from the Lord. Even in doing the Lord’s work, both my mother and church volunteers are destined to grow weary without help from the family.

When we were young, it was okay that we didn’t help out around the house because, well, we couldn’t do much! We also didn’t understand what owning a home really means. However, at some point, we must grow up. We have to take some ownership of the home we’re living in and help the family maintain it. Is it not similar with our church home?

Galatians 6:9 tells us to “not be weary in well doing” because in due season, there will be a harvest.”

My mother can surely attest to this: it is a lot easier to not be weary in well doing if the well-doing is shared by all the well-doers. I encourage you to ask the Lord about your part in His “well doing.” Perhaps He will stir your heart to help your mom out with the pile of dirty dishes, or to help your friend study for that big test or pick up that shift so your coworker can go to their son’s basketball game. Maybe the Lord will even stir your heart to serve your church family as a greeter, or an usher, or a child-care volunteer. Just maybe…

I do not believe that God wants you to spend all your spare time serving at your church. He knows that your earthly family is just as important as your heavenly family, if not more so. I do believe the Lord will gently nudge you to action, to care for the people he cares for, to serve those that are serving Him. Be open to that nudging and know that He will never ask you to give more than is healthy or more than you have. He’s a good God!

If you feel God calling you to a greater level of serving the church body, contact someone in church leadership to find out how to get started. At Faith Center, you can take part in Discovery, a class designed to help you find your God-given purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Step out in faith and step up in courage as you discover the joy of serving!

“So then, as we have the opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

 – Caitlyn Peyton

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