How I Fight My Battles

Life is hard. You know the saying: No one makes it out alive. Technically, yes. But perhaps, at least for Believers, a more accurate statement would be: No one makes it out without some bumps, bruises, and broken bones.

In fact, Jesus confirmed that sentiment when he told his disciples, “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows (John 16:33a).” How I wish that verse said something more like, “Here on earth you will live a comfortable life with great success and many joys!” But it doesn’t.

You know it all too well. Our world is broken and because of that we live some-what broken lives. We experience loss, pain, grief, sadness, and bitterness almost daily. Basically, it doesn’t look great for us.


That’s not all. Jesus didn’t leave his disciples hanging: “But take heart, because I have overcome the world (John 16:33b).” Jesus already won. He has overcome our broken world. And that is pretty great for us, because he lives in us. We’re winners, too.

Of course, it’s still not always fun. If Jesus has already won, then why do we still have to deal with all this brokenness? Why do we still have to fight?

Because it’s not enough for Jesus to win. He wants the enemy to lose.

As we walk through the hard stuff, as we fight our daily battles, Jesus is rooting us on. Yes, he knows it’s hard, but he also knows that when you take a piece of his victory as your own, the devil loses.

It’s like boxing. Jesus is already the heavy-weight champ and he already defeated Satan with a breathtaking K.O. But now, it’s our turn. We get to stand in the ring and fight a devil that we know has already lost. And we get to make him lose again and again for all of eternity.

I don’t know about you, but I want to hit Satan so hard in the face that he regrets ever taking me on in the first place.

But how do we do that? Now, that’s an interesting question.

We do it in many ways: prayer, reading and meditating on scripture, Godly relationships. Anything that we do to glorify God is like a sucker punch to the devil. But there is one thing that I believe hurts him more than anything: worship.

Back in the day (like, way back), Satan was an archangel. He was the main guy in charge of worship. That was his job, to create worship corporately and personally before the throne of God day and night. But you know the story. He got selfish, compared himself to the Alpha and Omega, and fell.

That’s the interesting thing about worship. It’s impossible to be selfish and worship at the same time. The moment you start thinking about “me,” your worship ceases because worship isn’t about us. It’s all about him. And selfless worship is how we fight our battles.

What if we looked the devil right in his stupid face and did the one thing that he’ll never get to do again? What if we worshipped better than he ever did? Can you imagine how mad that must make him?!

And, oh, it will. Satan will throw all of hell at you to get you to stop. Just like he did to Job, but Job never spoke against the Lord, never stopped his worship, and I bet Satan kind of wishes he’d just left Job alone.

What do you do when Satan is playing dirty and wreaking havoc in your life? Worship. Remember to keep your eyes on Jesus and worship through the pain, guilt, fear, doubt, anger, and sadness. Show that devil that while one day you will worship the Father without hindrance, today you choose to worship the Father even with a few hindrances. Make him lose… again.

Worship is your warfare. Nothing will make the devil so angry and invite some trials into your life quite like worship, but nothing will set you free and strengthen your faith to endure all things quite like worship.

So, sing! Even if those in close proximity wish you wouldn’t. Kindly let them know that you’re fighting some battles and keep on singing! With every word and every note, you get a little slice of Heaven’s victory and Satan gets a little slice of his own defeat.

There are days when it’s hard to worship when the troubles and doubts around you are so big that you just can’t seem to get your focus off those giants and onto Jesus. I have those days, too. And I’m going to let you in on my big secret.

When I come to church and don’t feel like worshipping, I listen to the folks singing out in the seats. I find someone who is singing loudly and passionately, however unpleasant they may sound, and I borrow their faith. I think about what the Lord must have done in their life for their worship to be so passionate. And when I just can’t find something to worship God for in my own life, I worship him for what he’s doing in someone else’s.

That way even if the devil has my life tangled up with chaos, he still doesn’t win. I’ll find a way to worship God for something good and I don’t have look very far to find it. He’s doing good all around me!

So, I encourage you to “make a joyful noise to the Lord” and “break forth into joyous song and sing praises (Psalm 98:4)!” When the enemy rears his ugly head, declare, “Not today, Satan!” and make sure he’s listening as you give glory to the Father no matter what. While you sing, watch the devil squirm and watch Heaven rejoice.

– Caitlyn Peyton

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