The Truth That Sets You Free

(This week’s blog is from something I wrote about ten years ago. I thought it was worth the repost. I hope you enjoy!)

Often you’ll hear people talk about different situations and the “facts” of it. As an example, you probably know someone who has spoken about someone they know who has abused drugs, so they’ll pronounce judgment over that person’s children saying that the kids will probably end up addicted, too.

Or, perhaps someone notes that there’s a history of divorce in a family so that must mean no marriage in that family will ever make it.

Closer to home, maybe your family has never experienced any kind of financial prosperity, so you figure that you’ll probably be just like your parents, who didn’t have much either.

After all, the facts are the facts.

The facts are real. The facts don’t lie. The facts can be measured and charted for trends and expected outcomes. The facts can be traced to genetics and heredity and economics and our environment and the doctor’s diagnosis.

We can count on the facts, right?

As Christians, we need to be very careful about how we look at the facts, primarily because it’s man who deals in facts, not God. God deals in truth, and there’s a huge difference.

Nowhere in the Bible do you see God pointing to the “facts” of a situation. If you fail to follow his laws and keep his decrees you’ll experience certain consequences, but that has to do with God’s inability to lie or violate his own law, not necessarily the “facts” of a situation.

Facts will tell you that there’s no way the Red Sea can part for six million people to walk on dry land to get away from the enemy who was hot on their trail like it did during the Israelite’s Exodus from Egypt. Truth tells you it can.

Facts will tell you that there’s no way a mere man like the Prophet Elijah can call fire down from heaven that will incinerate a full grown bull and lick up the water that stood in the trench that surrounded the fire pit. Truth tells you he did.

Facts will tell you that there’s no way any fish can swallow a grown man and the man live to tell about it. Truth tells you a great fish like Jonah’s can.
Facts will tell you that there’s no way a virgin living in the first century can conceive a child, much less conceive the very Son of God. Truth will tell you a young woman named Mary did.

Facts will tell you that no man can be dead for three days and then suddenly return to life. Really? Truth will tell you that’s exactly what happened to Jesus.

The facts will cause us to curse our fellow man with stinging words of rejection and judgment, or turn away from people in need because the facts suggest that they’ll probably never change, anyway.

The facts will blind us and cripple us and keep us from ever tasting the dreams that God has given us. The facts will keep us focused on the past and rob us of all hope for a new day. Facts enslave, but truth speaks freedom and life.

I suppose the main thing I want to do is encourage you to believe God’s truth about your situation and refuse to focus on the facts. It’s the only way to walk in true freedom in our lives – regardless of what life brings our way.

Does it take courage? Yes.

Will you have to determine to set your “face like flint” at times? Absolutely.
Will some people think you’ve lost your mind? Probably. But do not give in to the “facts”! Trust God and know that his intentions toward you are good!

I encourage you to set time aside for just you and the Lord. Spend time in his Word. Find Scripture that you can apply to your situation and memorize it until it gets so deep down in your soul that it reshapes the way you think about the “facts” of your life.

When you diligently do this, you’ll be amazed at how the facts become insignificant compared to God’s truth. More importantly, you’ll be amazed at how God’s truth really will set you free.

You’re loved, Saints!

Sarah co-pastors with her husband John an amazing little church named Faith Center of Paducah. She and John are a blended family of seven (three married children) and have two grandchildren, Addison and Jack, who hung the moon. Besides Jesus, John and all her crazy kids and church family, Sarah loves to write and teach and encourage others to hope again. If you’d like to contact her directly, you can email her at

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