Field Notes from Faith Center

Life Perfected

Life Perfected Fridays are my day off. I love Fridays. I get to lay in bed a little longer and think about things. Sometimes that’s good; sometimes that's bad. Today I began thinking about something that I heard Beth Moore say a long time ago: “Are you really strong...

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How I Fight My Battles

How I Fight My BattlesLife is hard. You know the saying: No one makes it out alive. Technically, yes. But perhaps, at least for Believers, a more accurate statement would be: No one makes it out without some bumps, bruises, and broken bones. In fact, Jesus confirmed...

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Without Faith

Without Faith If you’ve been a Christian any length of time at all, you know that there are hard days. And some hard days are harder than others. If I was transparent, I would admit that there have been days in my own walk with God when I’ve questioned God’s call on...

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You Satisfy

You Satisfy I love worship music! I pretty much exclusively listen to worship albums and every so often, one song will get stuck in my head and in my heart. Usually, when that happens I know the Lord is trying to tell me something, but sometimes it takes...

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Comeback This Sunday we’re starting a new sermon series titled, “Comeback.” Me, personally? I’m all about a comeback. I love the underdog and the down-and-out, the one who proves everybody, and their mama, wrong. Who doesn’t love a great story like that? There are a...

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Hello, It’s Me Again

Blog Field Notes from Faith Center Hello, It’s Me Again You may remember me. Or not. Nearly ten years ago I started my first blog — or at least the best I could do at a blog.  It was actually more like an email.  Truthfully, it was a lot more like an email than an...

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Awaken and Equip

Faith Center exists to awaken people to a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ and membership in the church family and equip them to fulfill their God-given purpose of maturity in Christ, ministry in the church body and missional living in the world.



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