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The Dark Side of Being Pro-life

Blog Stay Updated The Dark Side of Being Pro-life A few weeks ago when the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) passed in New York I wrote a fairly scathing post about it that I fully intended to publish but I kept feeling like God was leading me to not hit “post” just yet,...

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Well-Doers Cleaning the house. Is there a more necessary evil? I remember the agony of waking up on a Saturday morning to the sound of Jesus Culture (the Your Love Never Fails DVD to be exact) and the realization: it’s cleaning day. One day out of the week, which was...

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The Truth That Sets You Free

The Truth That Sets You Free (This week’s blog is from something I wrote about ten years ago. I thought it was worth the repost. I hope you enjoy!) Often you’ll hear people talk about different situations and the “facts” of it. As an example, you probably know someone...

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Why Jesus Won’t Think For Us

Why Jesus Won't Think For Us I love to get up early. I love the quiet hum of our home and the chance to read my Bible and pray before the day gets started. Over the years I’ve learned that this is part of an important discipline in learning how to hear God’s voice...

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Jesus Changes Everything

Jesus Changes Everything Do you ever struggle with despair? Boy, I do — and more often than I’d like to admit. Sometimes I’ve endured an entire season in which I’ve had to fight for hope. A few months ago I got it in my heart to memorize Philippians 3:7-14. So every...

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Bird Mom Sarah

Bird Mom Sarah I’m the youngest of nine children. We weren’t Catholic or farmers or the Brady Bunch. The truth is that my mom and dad just really liked each other. There were six of us girls and three boys. I’m the youngest. I am, as my dad liked to say, the caboose....

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Awaken and Equip

Faith Center exists to awaken people to a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ and membership in the church family and equip them to fulfill their God-given purpose of maturity in Christ, ministry in the church body and missional living in the world.



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